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Recurring Deposit

Want to create a fund for your children’s education or marriage or to buy a car or for a dream holiday? Whatever may be your financial goals, through our Recurring Deposit Scheme you can save a little every month so that at the time of need you have sufficient funds to achieve your financial goals. Recurring Deposit provides you the element of compulsion to save at rates of interest applicable to Term Deposits along with liquidity to access that savings any time. So set aside a small amount every month and earn at compounded rates of interest.

Wide Choice in Period of Deposit

Flexibility in period of deposit

Low minimum monthly deposit amount.

You can start a Recurring Deposit with SBI Muscat for a monthly instalment of OMR 25 only.

SBI Muscat Fixed Deposit Rates Apply

Check out our Interest Rates Online

Choose the amount you wish to invest and the maturity period.



We understand the value of your hard earned money and continue to deliver on our promise of safety and security.

Regular Instalments to your Account

Now you have motivation/compulsion to save a chosen amount every month and create a fund, which helps you to meet your future financial needs.


Loan facility: You can avail a loan against your Recurring Deposit. SBI Muscat provides you loan @ 1.50% above the rate payable on the Recurring Deposit which is being offered as security. So you continue to earn interest in your deposit and still can meet your urgent financial requirements.

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Other Benefits

  • Regular Instalments to your Account
  • Save in your account through Fixed Monthly Instalments.
  • Monthly Instalments can be deposited on any working day of the month.
  • Instalments payable in multiples of OMR 25

Free Fund Transfer

Free transfer of your funds through standing instructions from your Current or Savings Bank Account to your Recurring Deposit Account every month for the payment of your instalments, so that you do not have to worry about regular payments.

Regular Updates

You can monitor your deposit through SBI Muscat Internet Banking